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Never without her gun...

Welcome to Croft 2000, your online magazine where you will be able to find orginal Fan Art and Fan Fiction from the most talented Tomb Raider fans on the net.

"...It's all in her own words."
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Update Generator 8TH JULY 2000
At last, everything's is basically ready to update. A few days ago, I lost a disc with everything I needed for an update, and so I have lost many of the files that authors and artists sent to me. Well, if you are an artist/author and you find that you're work is missing, please notify me. Back to the site, I have finally come to 'like' my new design, as my old one was all dark and crap. Anyway, here it is...
I have been updating the last month, and this is the very first issue of C2K - I decided to make it like a magazine sorta thing ^_^ There's a stack load of stories and new sections to the site including:
So, I guess that's enough to keep you busy for at least a couple more hours. All I want is for everyone out there to get involved with C2K and submit your work! I currently have hardly anything to post in the Fan Art section, so get some paint to paper!
In the meantime, thanks for visiting.
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Croft 2000 is hopefully going to develop into a haven for Fan Art and Fan Fiction. I'm currently getting a quiet response from visitors, but I hope to get some more work for the site to get going with.
To send your work in - be it brilliant artwork or lengthy novels - simply read the following guidelines before sending it to me:

-- For Artwork, files including .jpg, .gif, .bmp and any other picture files must be NO larger than 1MB - I can easily edit them on my own software :)
-- For Fan Fiction, files must be in MSWord or .zip format, to prevent long-downloading/uploading
-- When sending your files to me, it is pretty obvious that you should state your name and any other information you'd like to give me (names of files, url of your website)

After following my simple guidelines, you should hear from me within a couple of days and soon your work will be posted.

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