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If you didn't know who "Lara Croft" was, then you wouldn't be here and you'd definately be thick. She is a virtual sex symbol, a gaming icon for the millennium - and here is a section all about this fabulous piece of programming.
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Grrrr. 11 years ago, a relatively unknown company named Core released their first best-selling game "Rick Dangerous". It featured an Indiana-Jone's style man named Rick who ran around Mayan temples in search for magical artefacts. 7 years later, two related employees decided to bring something new and adventurous to our PC and Playstation screens - a close descendant of "Rick Dangerous" itself...

"A whole new dimension to the future of gaming...the auburn-haired, big-breasted babe who captured the imaginations of males and females world-wide"

Jeremy and Adrian Smith created "Tomb Raider", the chart-topping hit of '96 that stormed the games industry and gave a whole new dimension to the future of gaming.
Exploring tombs and fighting evil supernatural forces, only a tough and fit character would be able to play the part of this daring adventurer.
Lara Croft was born - the burban-haired, big-breasted babe who captured the imaginations of males and females world-wide.

"With each adventure she takes...she must rely on her skill with pistols and her athletic abilities to get by the perilous traps she encounters"

Traversing the globe, she explores temples and tombs and raids them of their precious artefacts. With each adventure she takes, a deadly twist always arises; with ruthless madmen (and women) on her trail, she must rely on her skill with pistols and her athletic abilities to get by the perilous traps she encounters.

Marital Status:
Blood Type:
Hair Colour:
Eye Colour:
  Lara Croft
  February 14, 1968 in Wimbledon, Surrey
  132 lbs
  Brunette / Auburn
  Brown /Hazel

ow-chee-wa-wa.. Lara Croft, the daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft was brought up in the stuffy world of aristocracy. A rich life wasn't all that bad, just the feeling of being suffocated with the attention of rich Lords and Ladies was all too much.

"...daughter of Lord Henshingly Croft...brought up in the stuffy world of aristocracy"

She received private tutoring for the main part of her younger childhood, going on to attend Wimbledon High School for Girls when she was 11, then leaving to go onto Gordonstoun Boarding School at the age of 16. Finally, at the age of 21, Lara left a Swiss finishing School.

"Teachers and students were not comfortable with Lara’s keen hand...she was band from even touching a gun"

Her athletic and sporty life began at Gordonstoun School, where rock climbing took her fancy. Going onto take up shooting practice and activities was her main hobby, however teachers and students were not comfortable with Lara’s keen hand, and so band her from even touching a gun. At her Swiss finishing school, she took to the art of extreme skiing and spent a holiday in the Himalayas searching for more challenging terrain. But on the way back from her exciting holiday, her plane crashed into a mountain side.

"On the way back from an exciting holiday, her plane crashed into a mountain side...everyone but her was dead"

Everyone but her was dead, and with the sound of an avalanche stirring above, she had no choice but to save herself, wounded. After two weeks of walking and searching for a place to get help, she arrived at the village of Tokakeriby, where she was treated and left to rest for the few days remaining until her safe flight home.
When she returned to the upper-class British society of her home, she couldn’t take it any longer. Her strengths would prove to be useful later on in life, when she put her rockclimbing to the test and held her collection of hand guns for real, leading her into a life of exploring. She was becoming a real Tomb Raider.
Her parents were worried about her new lifestyle. The crash had changed her completely, yet she was still a born aristocrat. She had looked down at her parents chosen husband for her, the Earl of Farringdon. Lara’s parents abandoned her. Lara now lives in Surrey. Her inherited mansion is all that is left of her upper-class image. With her new lively life as a tomb raider, she had used her mansion as a museum, placing her artefacts as simple ornaments in the hallways and rooms and even had an assault course constructed in the grounds of her mansion for training and exercising. Tomb Raider was her middle name.
Tomb Raiding is not a job, but a way of life to her. With managers of major companies, famous professors in search of unfound artefacts, commissioning her explorations, she could easily make a profit out of her way of life.

"'Tomb Raider' is her middle's not a job, but a way of life to her"

She smiled at the thought. Living off the money she made from travel books and documentaries, Lara earned herself a name in the Media. Soon, even the record books could see Lara as a found name in discovering numerous ancient archaeological sites while on her journeys.
The Guinness book of Records found a place for her too. She drove the Alaskan Highway from Tierra del Fuego in South America in a world record time; She later went on to hit the headlines again when she journeyed out and killed the legend of Bigfoot in South America, bringing the body home to the stardom of the press, yet the angry faces of zoologists around the globe. It was obvious that she preferred her new life.

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1995: Ark of The Covenant
1996: Scion of Atlantis
1997: Dagger of Xian
1998: The Comet of Vermulin
1999: Amulet of Horus

(Tomb Raider)
(Tomb Raider 2)
(Tomb Raider 3)
(Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation)

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