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Here's your chance to write about something that you feel should be published for the rest of the net to see. If you can't be bothered to write a whole story, why not write a short article about something you feel strongly about???
Anything Lara Croft or Tomb Raider-related will be accepted, as long as there's no bad language or references to things that make people angry.

Here's information on sending in your Croft Chronicle:
  • Anything is accepted. It can be about Lara Croft's aunt's dog or a new storyline for Tomb Raider. Anything you want.
  • As well as the article itself, pictures and downloads can be attatched to the email for me to put on the site.

Rules and Regulations:
  • As said above, no bad language or references to things that could offend people.
  • Articles must be zipped and in Word or .txt format. If you have a problem doing this, please mail me. If your files are not zipped, please state so in the email.
  • Pictures or files that you would like to use in your article must not be very big in size. Above 5MB will not be accepted, because my server becomes disrupted when handling files of this size.
  • First-time writers will be given first priority in the publishing of their articles.

And thats it. Send your articles and any pictures/files to me, and I'll reply to you when your article is accepted!!