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To me, the best game of the trilogy arrived in November of 1999. Glossy, sandy graphics plastered gaming magazines and gave The Croft Times something interesting, for once, to write about. It's back to Egypt, and this time it's personal.
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"I Semerkhet, high priest of Horus, forewarn that he who removes The Amulet shall have released Set. He who walked abroad with the jackals at the dawn of man shall once again violate the earth.
Set, ruler of evil, will again be free at the turn of a distant millenia. At his heel, plagues and locusts. Harvests fail under the broken skies.
And Set sayeth:
I am the shadow across the sun; I am the bringer of plagues. My wrath will consume all lands, and shall be ceaseless...

The Croft Times became the main centre of attention when Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation was announced. Pictures of Lara battling boney skeletons and shooting chasing jeeps was too exciting to handle. And this time it was worth the wait.

"This time it was worth the wait"

The new Game Structure offers entirely new gameplay experiences - as the storyline unfolds, the puzzles and levels get larger and harder. The game strongly focuses on these puzzles, as in the first Tomb Raider - instead of shooting bad guys and traversing blocks and finding keys etc. One of the most amazing features of the game is the shear size of the FMV sequences that appear as the levels continue. In fact, there is a total of 11 FMV cutscenes totalling to a whopping 20 minutes of brilliant graphic splendour.
Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation proved that the original winning formula that was Tomb Raider had made a come back, and had cleverly twisted guns and puzzles into the game itself. Fans were not disappointed, and it's obvious that we want another game - something new, but still keeping it a Tomb Raider. Come on, Core - we want more!

  • Pistols
  • Revolver
  • Shot gun
  • Uzi's
  • Grenade launcher
  • Laser-sighted Crossbow
The weapon systeming is completely revolutionary in the trilogy - and even games of its kind. Weapons can be combined with other weapon features such as laser sight (revolver and crossbow) and different types of ammo can be used for certain weapons (grenade launcher, shot gun and crossbow).

To help Lara get through this new environment, there's a new assortment of moves for her to use:
  • Swing on ropes
  • Climb poles
  • Use of binoculars to put the game into a first person
  • perspective for viewing far away objects/night vision
  • Shimmy around corners
  • Target and shoot things with laser-sight
  • Open doors by barging, kicking, use of a crowbar or just plain old turning-the-handle

TR: TLR features many mixed characteristics of it's previous cousins; similar puzzles to Tomb Raider, similar baddies to Tomb Raider II, bigger level structure as in Tomb Raider III, yet the entire skeleton and aim of the game is completely different in itself. The level structure, yes it is similar to TR3, but much more bigger in that some levels must be "back-tracked" in order to complete a puzzle/obtain artefacts. This is a brilliant idea that means the player must think more (instead of just following where to go - get a key - open a door, there...level done). Bit boring if you ask me, which is why I have to say that this new level system is probably one of the completely amazing things about the game. Read on...

Training Levels
1.  Angkor Wat
2.  Race for the Iris

The Amulet of Horus
3.  Tomb of Seth
4.  Burial Chambers
5.  Valley of the Kings
6.  KV5

The Truth
7.  Temple of Karnak
8.  Great Hypostyle Hall
9.  Sacred Lake
10.  Tomb of Semerkhet
11.  Guardian of Semerkhet
12.  Desert Railroad

Quest for The Armour
13.  Alexandria
14.  Coastal Ruins
15.  Catacombs
16.  Temple of Poseidon
17.  The Lost Library
18.  Temple of Isis
19.  Cleopatra's Palaces

Rescuing Jean-Ives
20.  City of the Dead
21.  Chambers of Tulun
22.  Citadel Gate
23.  Trenches
24.  Street Bazaar
25.  Citadel

The Finale
20.  The Sphinx Complex
21.  Underneath The Sphinx
22.  Pyramid of Menkaure
23.  Inside Menkaure Pyramid
24.  Mastabas
25.  The Great Pyramid
26.  Khufu's Queens Pyramids
27.  Inside The Great Pyramid
28.  Temple of Horus

'The Extra' level is the great level All Hallows - the only bad thing is you have to spend hours trying to collect all 59 secrets in the game, but it is worth it, if your patience lasts. I'm not telling you what's in this level, you'll just have to find out yourself. I have got there...honest.

"Is this her last revelation?"

At last, it's all over - what did you think of the ending? Is this her last revelation?

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