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"I'm sorry, I only play for sport..." - the famous words that fanatic will remember from the original classic. Dinosaurs, aliens, giant rats and puzzles - just some of the highlights from this brilliant game.
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Lara Croft is contracted by a Jacqueline Natla to find three pieces of an ancient artefact, The Scion. It is believed to be have the power to resurrect the legendary city Atlantis, where Lara will discover much more than she bargained for...

Yes - I did brush this morning, thank you The famous cutscene of the explosion in a Mexico Desert finishes and the film diverts to California, where Lara is meeting with her new contracters, Larson and Miss Jacqueline Natla. These wonderful graphic cutscenes were a classic remnant that embedded itself in the Fan's mind. From the very first time those bats fluttered from the cave, the heart began to race, and a new gaming hit was born.

"From the very first time those bats fluttered from the cave, the heart began to race"

Lara begins in a large snow-covered cavern, where Lara has just entered having had her partner ripped to shreads by a pack of hungry wolves. She traverses The Caves, killing bats and shooting wolves and solving puzzles never seen in any game of its kind.
Within the game itself, weapons and Lara's famed backpack were an important feature in the game - using pistols to shoot bats was easy to do. The challenge came when the bigger threats appeared - the player had to manipulate different weapons to get round them, and use his intelligence to get past perilous traps. In those few lines, I have just described the whole point of Tomb Raider, one of the biggest games ever to hit our PC and Playstation screens.

  • A shotgun
  • Magnums
  • Pistols
  • and Uzis
In Tomb Raider, there is a limited range of weapons that Lara can use to her advantage by shooting enemies. The shotgun is reserved for large enemies and quick-kills, whereas the pistols are used on smaller enemies such as bats and rats, to preserve precious ammo for use in the difficult levels of the later game.

Take that, and that!
  1. Caves
  2. City of Vilcabamba
  3. Lost Valley
  4. Tomb of Qualopec
  5. St. Francis' Folly
  6. Colosseum
  7. Palace Midas
  8. The Cistern
  9. Tomb of Tihocan
  10. City of Khamoon
  11. Obelisk of Khamoon
  12. Sanctuary of The Scion
  13. Natla's Mines
  14. Atlantis
  15. The Great Pyramid
Each level is set in a certain area of the world. Lara starts in the Himilaya's and slowly makes her way to Atlantis, every four levels marked by a short cutscene that updates Lara's travels and hints as to where she is off to next. These wonderful-at-the-time graphics now seem startingly tame compared to the more glossy sequences of Tomb Raider's future descendants.

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